How To Setup Noor With The Help Of Under Construction Page

How To Setup Noor With The Help Of Under Construction Page

Noor is one of the most customizable themes which you can get from the market. With it’s easy to use page builder it allows you to create different layouts to gain your readers attention. You can use Noor for almost any blogs including e-commerce websites.

Though page builder makes it easy to configure the layout of your pages, you would want to take your time and make sure that all elements are setup correctly before showing it to the world. It is more important if you are setting up an e-commerce site, you don’t want your visitors to have a bad experience or getting stuck while checkout because of your changes.

Noor comes with a special page called Maintenance Mode Page, which can help in making any changes to your website.

You can enable the Maintenance Mode which will let your users know that your site is down for maintenance. You can still make changes and test them but no other user will be able to see unfinished changes.

Noor includes a WordPress Plugin called Under Construction Plugin, which takes care of all this.


Features of Under Construction Plugin

Under construction, the plugin comes with many features which can help you set up your site correctly. Noor incorporates the free version of the plugin and you can upgrade it to pro version in case you need additional features.


Multiple Page Layouts

It comes with predefined maintenance mode layouts which can be enabled with a single click. You can just check the layouts and change element according to your needs. Once enable your regular readers will see that maintenance mode page.

You can customise almost all elements of the page layout including title and description. It also supports SEO settings to make sure that even Google will understand you are working on your site. The free version includes 25+ UCP style templates and you can get additional templates with the pro version.


Start and Stop Date

One important aspect of maintenance mode is that you can stop displaying the maintenance mode when you are done making changes. You can manually disable the maintenance mode in the free version and Pro version includes automatic start and stops date feature.

Just set the start and end time on the setting page and it will take care of turning the maintenance mode automatically. It also shares the end date and time with search engines so that the can come back and crawl your site.


Google Analytics Integration

It also comes with a Google Analytics integration so you can know how many people are coming to your site. This is a good way to check the traffic while you are doing Maintenance. You can also track events with the pro version to see how they are reacting to your Maintenance page.

Like if you want your visitors to subscribe to notifications for site availability, you can set an event and check how many of them are subscribing to it.


Social Media Integration

Under Construction plugin allows you to integrate social media network on the maintenance mode page. You can ask your users to connect on social media accounts for faster updates or just follow.

It provides an easy way to grow your social media accounts and create a connection with your users.


300k Royalty Free Images

Though it comes with predefined templates which you can use to create maintenance mode pages, doesn’t mean you can’t customise it. You can make sure that your page looks different from others by customizing almost all possible elements of the page.

Pro version comes with an API integration with Unsplash, so you can access 300k+ royalty free images from the WordPress dashboard.


Whitelist Support

If you are working with a team and want to whitelist some of the users so that they can see your site rather than Maintenance mode page, you can do that.

You can whitelist users, role or IP address so that those users can see your site in real time. IP Whitelisting is a feature for pro version, you can whitelist users and roles in the included version.

It is one of the good features for running BETA tests for new sites. You can invite few users and whitelist them so that they can interact with your site and report issues.

So go ahead and setup Noor theme with the help of Under Construction Plugin and make sure that your users see your site correctly. If you need additional features, go ahead and get the pro version.