The most exciting feature about Noor is the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support. This is phenomenal! Especially after the recent announcement from Google that page speed is now a ranking factor for your mobile speed as well.

Ahmad Awais - WordPress Core Contributor

Love the theme! Customer Support is FLAWLESS! I literally think that they have precognitive abilities because I think I got a response to my support request even before I submitted it! Truly a great theme and perfect support service! Thank you!

sean2minu - Envato User

This theme is one of the BEST themes that I have ever used. Clean, visually stunning, and the design aspects are absolutely spot on. The developers truly designed this around the user experience and from a user’s perspective – small things like adding preview links to the demos reaffirm that. The functionality and UX of the backend are incredible and working with it has been amazing so far. Absolutely one of the best themes I’ve ever seen.

hoatbui - Envato User

Noor is definitely one of the best AMP ready themes for WordPress right now. The theme is easy to get started with, well designed, versatile, fast loading AND Google AMP compatible. What more can you ask for!

Lisa Sanovski - WordPress developer

All themes have quirks that come and go but most do not provide this level of rapid response! 5 stars for that alone (plus its a nice, clean theme with just the right balance of presets to personalization).

Claartje - Envato User

Simple fast well built theme, support is beyond expected, fast and professional respond, highly recommended.

alfakih - Envato User