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A Free plugin that leverages the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to convert plain text into interactive Gutenberg blocks.

A new way to create Blocks

Let AI create from your prompt. It’s 10x faster

Start with prompt

Start with prompt

Jumpstart your writing with a prompt, simply provide the prompt and let AI generate the building blocks for you.

Improve your process

Improve your process

Refine the generated output, eliminate repetitive tasks, and streamline your process for improved efficiency.

Get faster results

Get faster results

Automate text-to-block conversion, save time and enhance productivity with Blocks AI. Get SEO-ready content and create stunning pages rapidly.

Choose a pricing plan

Have the concept? Build it in a minute

Get Started for free

Using your OpenAI API Key


50 Credits


50,000 Tokens


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500 Credits


500,000 Tokens

Frequently asked questions

Answers to Common Queries About Blocks AI

Is my API key stored by Blocks AI?

No, We do not store any API keys provided by our users, as we understand the sensitivity and importance of this information. Your API key is only used to authenticate your requests and ensure that you have access to our services. We take the privacy and security of our users very seriously and strive to maintain the highest standards of data protection.

How can I determine the number of tokens consumed?

Yes, we show the token usage for every prompt to ensure full transparency and help you manage your account usage efficiently.

Does Blocks AI require payment to use?

While Blocks AI is currently in beta, there is no charge to use our platform with your own OpenAI API. However, we are planning to introduce a paid version of our service in the future, which will include outstanding features

Can I use Blocks Ai for Copywriting?

Absolutely, you can use Blockx AI for Copywriting. Whether you are looking to generate compelling headlines, persuasive marketing copy, or engaging product descriptions, Blocks AI can help you produce quality written content quickly and efficiently.

How to install Blocks AI?

The plugin can be installed with just a few simple steps, like any other WordPress plugin. Once installed, you can easily add your API key to the plugin settings, and you’re ready to start creating content.